LeadsCon West – It’s Still About Quality

LeadsCon West was a fantastic show that proved extremely valuable for GearyPMG and our education clients. Now a week removed from the show, I find myself realizing, at a fundamental level, that nothing has really changed for our clients over the past couple of years. Yes, there have been changes in regulations, proprietary schools are under increased scrutiny and technology continues to affect the way we think about marketing to potential students. But from a marketing perspective, helping students find the right school, and finding each other in the most efficient way possible, is still priority number one.

As businesses we have many advanced marketing methods that help pair potential students with a university that best fits their needs. Some of those methods have been around for years, but continually adapt to the ever-changing environment of performance marketing. Some are extremely efficient and effective, while others require more effort but produce more meager results. Regardless, they all play a part, whether big or small, in achieving that goal of finding the right students.


John Perkins is a Senior Account Executive with GearyPMG and has 5 years experience in the education vertical.